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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is anybody surprised about the selective memory of Cynthia Mongongu in the Floyd Landis hearing? The lab technician for the Cesspool at Chatenay-Malabry seems to clearly remember the facts from a well-rehearsed script, but suffers from very poor memory at convenient times, about the same topic, when questions are directed toward finding what really happened. This recent intern-turned-expert knows damn well that she is going to get her fanny fired if she says the wrong thing - - anything that might get the Landis team toward the truth. And there is no reason to think that the testimony of the other lab tech will be any different.

You can bet that that these two women know their jobs are on the line. You’d be pretty naive to think that they won’t say whatever is necessary to CYA and keep their jobs in France. This is the real world, where sworn testimony from the LNDD is a farce. There is no reprisal for lying on the “witness stand” in the USA when you live in France. You think they are gonna sit there and rat out on the LNDD and expect to go home and have a job waiting for them? I betcha those women’s bosses are monitoring every word of their “testimony” and are gonna nail their fannies to the wall when they get back home if they say the wrong thing...

The hope is that the Landis legal team will trip up the lab techs so badly in their “testimony” that even the USADA panel, yeah, I said USADA panel, will not have the cojones to ignore or gloss over the serious screw-ups that happened.



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