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Monday, May 07, 2007

The SugarCRM Cat's Hill Classic was on Saturday in Los Gatos - it was the 34th running of this Grande Dame of California Crits. There are always crashes at the bottom of Cat's Hill - it's such a sharp left turn onto the 23% grade hill that somebody is gonna miss a shift and stop or fall. The usual chain reaction of enders inevitably happens. If you're gonna be right on somebody's wheel, you better be sure that they are an old Pro on riding the Cat's.

So speaking of crashes, Ivan Basso just took a big fall, too. Seems that he has owned up to being involved in Operation Open Mouth. Not like everyone didn't suspect it with his sudden departure from Discovery Cycling Team. Bummer, I really liked Ivan and the thing that bothers me most is the lying... And it looks like he's gonna have some company, too... Like quite a few riders won't be at the Tour this year, yes? Maybe I should start training...

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