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Friday, July 13, 2007

The real heroes today were Vino and Noval, who both courageously started the stage and suffered so much through to the finish. Vino was in the back with his team supporting him the entire stage. Right near the end, the cameras caught Vino pulling the side of his hand across his throat, making that universal sign that usually means the end. I hope he was only commenting on his order in the stage, and not meaning that he was done...Bravo to both Vino and Noval, and also Kloden for riding through their injuries.

Disorganized, chaotic sprint in the finish today of Stage 6. Boonen powered through from way on the side. Then Friere and then Zabel. I really like Zabel, as we all do, but I’m still trying to figure out why Erik Zabel is welcome at the Tour and Bjarne Riis is not, given they both had similar disclosures about their past Tour history.

Have to miss watching the Tour tomorrow morning , as I’ll be out on a photo shoot, but you can bet that I am catching this first bit of climbing on my DVR...

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