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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Was that an awesome finish for Stage 3 this morning or what? Cancellara surprised everyone with his long sprint. He blew past those guys who had been in front for almost the entire race, and out-sprinted the sprinters for the win. Fabian's grin on the podium was one of delight, for sure. Interesting that Zabel, the guy who caused the big crash yesterday, took second.

Most of the race was just a joyride for the guys, with everyone chatting and joking - looked like a mellow club ride until they finally decided to get serious. And almost too late with the chase. And Auge hung in to take the polka dot jersey away from Millar, who appeared a bit disinterested, or without energy, to try to keep it...

I think the Tour is a lot more exciting than some of the naysayers have predicted, and the mountains should be good. It will be a real challenge for Discovery with only eight guys. Good luck for a speedy recovery to Thomas Vaitkus. I think it was him I saw yesterday coming in with one arm on the bars instead of George...

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  • Of all days to take it easy in the Peloton, I had to leave for work and missed the finish (good thing for reruns). Big kudos to Fabian - who said all he can do is time trial! Sending quick healing vibes to Tomas - a break in five places? OUCH! there's not that many bones in the thumb.


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