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Friday, March 02, 2007

This unbelievable, idiotic power struggle between the ASO and the UCI reminds me of an old saying that my dear, departed Grannie used to use. “Cutting off your nose to spite your face,” she would say. Seems to me that is exactly what those two powerful organizations are doing. And all the pro cycling teams are caught right in the middle. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t...

As if all the media frenzy and distortion about doping isn’t enough to turn off sponsors, the ASO and UCI seem determined to finish the job. What the Hell are the teams supposed to do, whose sponsors are putting up the big bucks to see their names at races like Paris-Nice? Teams whose budgets depend on sponsor bucks, and who are fielding two or more teams just so they can participate in all the races. Which do you choose - what form of team destruction? A strong sanction by UCI or being excluded form the Tour de France? Great choice - do you want your right or left nuggie cut off?

This is all so ludicrous - It’s hard to believe this is happening - The two entities who make the biggest bucks off from the backs of riders and teams seem hell-bent on destroying their reason for existing. And while the furor goes on in Europe, right now in America, the Tour of Georgia is searching frantically for a title sponsor, and the inaugural US Open Cycling Championships is searching for sponsor bucks - both these races are scheduled for next month! And the Discovery Pro Cycling Team is searching for a new sponsor for 2008. Great publicity timing for would-be sponsors to see the Powers That Be in Cycling acting like asses in this self-destructive corporate ego/power struggle among the Cycling Giants.

Photo is one that I took from the Stage 2 Start in Santa Rosa of the Amgen Tour of California. Ivan Basso, Paolo Bettini and Fabian Cancellara are rolling out for the long haul to the Sacramento finish line.

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