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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sat in on the Floyd Landis chat room with Michael Hiltzen of the LA Times this morning. If you missed it, I think they are going to have another one next week. Check in with one of my faves, for updates. There were lot of good questions, mostly re-runs, but informative, none the less.

I asked Michael what he saw happening when The Dick leaves in November. I was dismayed to hear that Dick Pound will be replaced by a “gentlemen who works for the French government”.. Holy Crap, it will be so reassuring to all cycling fans, and to the riders, to hear that WADA will be run by some crony of the French government in the future, won’t it? I’m sure that he will know which side his croissant is buttered on, and who provides the butter. Jeeze, a good old garçon network never dies, it just sheds its skin...

And we were hoping that someone new would clean up the Cesspool and WADA. Dream on....

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