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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Are you watching Paris-Nice on If so, you saw Stage 3 just ending with Alexandr Kolobnev of CSC staying away for over 200km to take the long downhill finish. Even with the little kick at the end, his legs held out. I guess Kolobnev was away for so long that Tom Boonen forgot all about him, because ten or so seconds later, Boonen sprinted across the line with this arms up in victory. Do riders feel like a fool when they do that? Jeeze, they all have the radios in their ears, so how could he not know about the breakaway and that Kolobnev hadn’t been caught? Kinda funny... Maybe Tom was listening to his MP3 player instead...

So the beat goes on in the cycling world - asinine power squabbles between UCI and the Pro Tour poobahs continue, Unibet getting flicked, Operacion Open Mouth getting milked down to the last drop for innuendos and accusations, and the biggest open mouth, The Dick (Pound) keeping his closed momentarily.

The Freedom Tour of Floyd Landis continues to march across the States, and more power to him and his dedicated associates. Their presentation is so compelling in the slide show that I can’t wait to hear the other sixty pieces of evidence, revealing the gross incompetence and sloppy, schlocky errors by the Chatenay Malabry Cesspool lab technicians, that will be presented at Floyd’s hearing.

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