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Monday, October 23, 2006

The photo is one that I took last Friday night at the Courtside Club in Los Gatos. There were 74 or more folks, including cancer survvors, spinning to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. The event, The Tour for a Cure, was organized by my friend and spinning instructor from a few years ago, Pete Keady. The Courtside Club wholeheartedly supported the event, which included a silent auction and dinner, as well as an evening of spinning and sweating for the cause.

I donated two of my cycling photos in 16 x 20 frames, which netted almost $500 in a dinner auction after the event. I also took shots during the spinning that are in my Smugmug gallery. I am always so impressed with all the good people in this world who are so generous and willing to help with the fight against cancer.

I see that Lance is participating in the President’s Cancer Panel in Kentucky today. From my observations, some of the southern states have such huge amount of smokers (and so young) that something sure needs to happen down there. I can’t imagine what the death rate from cancer and heart disease is in some of those states. Growing their own poison....

Vladimir Gusev placed third and Stijn Devolder was fourth in the 15th Annual Japan Cup. Fumy Beppu was designated team leader, but came in 57 seconds back, in twelfth place. This race is a super-big event in Japan ‘cause it is the only time that the average cycling fan there gets a chance to see the Pro riders in person.

And Paolo Savoldelli is going to race in the Red Bull Road Rage Downhill in Tuna Canyon on November 11th. It’s a crazy, dangerous event. I didn’t go last year, and have conflicting plans this year. I guess they don’t allow photographers along the short, twisty course ( or they didn’t last year), so it’s not as interesting to shoot as it might have been...

Check out the Link for Red Bull Road Rage info....


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