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Monday, October 16, 2006

Could we see Ivan in a Discovery Channel kit next year? He says he wants to stay with CSC, but has a hefty offer from Johan and Company. I think that Ivan is a great guy, and know that he and Lance are good friends, so it could potentially work out.... if the rift between Ivan and Bjarne is not healed.

This whole Open Door Spanish inquisition thing has, so far, been nothing but gossip, rumor and innuendo. The Spanish officials haven’t come up with one charge against anybody yet, have they? Rapido with gossip, slow as a slug with facts. Where is the concrete evidence? Do they have any other evidence against Ivan other than the name “Brillo” (supposedly the name of Ivan’s dog)? Is that really such an uncommon name? Yeah, I know that Jan seems to be the main target right now, but where is the concrete evidence against him? How long does it take to build a case? Incidentally - I think that “build a case” can have many meanings.... Comprendo?

So what does Discovery Channel look like right now with new additions to the team? New riders are Fuyu Li, Uros Murn, Gianni Meersman, Sergio Paulinho, Thomas Vaitkus, Brian Vandborg and returning teammates Tony Cruz and Levi Leipheimer. Tony says that he really missed European racing and is so happy to be coming back to work with Johan and the guys. Johan says to look for a few more additions....

Congrats to George Hincapie for winning the Greenville Cycling Classic this past weekend. Wearing the stars and stripes is gonna mean a good 2007 for George....


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