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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Check out my cycling podcast for cycling news today. You can click the Link icon, or I just put up a link to my pocast page at the top of the right menu. I was in a rather monotone mood, I guess, by the sound of the podcast. Hey - I'm not a Pro Podcaster yet... I gotta get the CD of the music I use: The band is Sound Dollar and the song is Tightrope. Sound Dollar is a local SF band, I think... I wanna hear more of them.

I will be doing on-the-scene audioblogging during all the stages of the Tour of California. If I'm lucky, maybe I can catch some of the guys to say a few words..
I'll head out to the start real early Sunday morning to catch the scene....

So you'll see several of the grey Audioblog icons each day (I hope). I assume that you are all set up to click on the icon and listen, with Quick Time or other audio players. You can get free downloads of the most popular players. I had one person tell me that they didn't realize that those icons were audio blogs and that they could listen. Soo.... Just letting you all know....

Hey, thanks to all who are buying zee leetle Podium Girl Gone Bad book and zee naughty PGGB Thong. Hope you are enjoying!


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