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Friday, February 10, 2006

I took this photo of Triki taking photos of himself with the other team guys at training camp. Every time I’ve tried doing this with a little point-and-shoot, all I got was great big noses on people. But Triki was having a great time, and all the guys stopped whatever they were doing and posed with him.

The count-down for the Tour of California has begun, and the local host cities are getting in the swing, or in a panic - maybe both. I really haven’t seen much about what is going on in San Jose surrounding the race. I’ve heard about the Overcoming movie being shown at the Tech Museum, and heard that Specialized is having some kind of event there after the race. And that there will be an Expo. True, I don’t subscribe to the Merc News, so maybe there has been some publicity that I’ve missed, but... seems like publicity has been rather scarce in my area.

Read some article that said the movie about Lance Armstrong has already started filming. They’ve already shot some footage about Lance winning the Big Seven. The movie director, Frank Marshall, had six cameras going and shot the last day of the 2005 Tour scenes. They will combine actual footage from the Champs Elysees with parts where Matt Damon is playing Lance. I guess that Lance will be an advisor and will be on the set frequently during the filming.

Also saw a press release that Lance with be part of a national campaign promoting a new mutual funds series for American Century Investments. The company will offer LiveStrong Portfolios for investors. The advertising will feature spots that say “Put Your Lance Face On”. As part of his multi-year commitment, Lance will be featured in national print and broadcast advertising campaigns. He also will participate in employee events, press-related activities, client meetings and conferences, as well as the annual American Century Championship, a celebrity golf tournament broadcast each July on NBC. As you would expect, American Century Investments will donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

I am now going to try to hook up the house where I live with wifi home networking through my long-time ISP, Earthlink. They have a great promotion going now with a rebate offer the refunds the entire cost of the wireless broadband router and USB wireless network adapter. Yikes - those instructions look pretty sparse - Hope this works or you may be reading the last post for a while... And, nope, I’ve never done this before...


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