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Monday, February 06, 2006

Time for the Monday Morning Lance Armstrong Sirius Faction 28 Radio Report. Lance had Kinky Friedman as his guest, along with Dean Barclay (Disclaimer: name may be spelled correctly or not), who was Jesse Ventura’s campaign advisor and now is working with Kinky. Seems that Kinky wants to run for Governor of Texas in 2006, and has a petition drive on his site. Click on the link below to have a look.

What I could gather from the dialogue, Texas has some legislation that dictates if a Texan votes in a primary election, that voter cannot sign a petition for someone else to run for Governor. (Since I really don’t know, or care, about Texas politics, this may or may not be entirely, one-hundred-percent, thoroughly researched and correct information. I guess I now have to add disclaimers.) But, in any event, Kinky asks people to not vote in the primary and instead, sign his petition on his website. Said he is the first Independent to run for Guv in Texas since Sam Houston. (Disclaimer: His fact, not mine). He wants to get politicians out of politics. His campaign slogan is, “ Why The Hell Not?”

A comment was made that Dean looked like he was wearing Elvis’ shower curtain, laughter and a lot of talk about Jesse Ventura. Seems that Ventura is living in Baja now, on the Sea of Cortez. A lot of Ventura and Willie Nelson name-dropping occurred. Kinky has a wry sense of humor and said that he really doesn’t have a job right now. and said being the Guv of Texas is a like judging a chili cook-off - he said that one has to appoint the best people that you have and then get out of the way and let them do their job. Kinky later said being the Guv is a lot like being the marshal of a parade. He said that the Lieutenant Guv is more powerful in Texas than in any other state and asked Lance, since he is now retired, to run as his Lt. Guv. Lance said he is far from retired, and declined...

Funds for education, teachers, fire-fighters, cops and veterans by legalizing all gambling casinos, and getting rid of toll roads are two items on his platform. He said he would work on the “de-woosification of Texas”. He ripped Guv Perry whenever the opportunity arose, as any politician would do. Kinky said that Willie Nelson would be appointed his Energy Advisor and government vehicles would run on the Biodiesel that Willie’s company is selling. (Hmmmm.... any potential conflict of interest there? Nah...that sounds like woose talk, huh?)

Kinky has run the Utopia Rescue Ranch For Animals near Medina for years, and has adopted over 1500 animals. His five dogs are his family, he said. You can check it out at Kinky told several stories about his contact with Clinton and Dubya, and sleeping in the White House.

Lance then signed off by saying it had been a "rough week for us", and that Sheryl Crow is an unbelievable person: the smartest, wisest, most gifted person he’d ever met, and who has shown him a love that he’d never known. He said that she is a great lady, and played his favorite song of hers, “Letter to God” to close the show.

I took this photo at the Thank You, Austin Concert in October, 2005...


  • Made me cry for both of them, and for Luke, Isabelle and Grace. It's not sinking in, it's not sinking in.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:14 AM  

  • When one finds a mate who is wise, gifted and possesses admirable qualities in abundance, dontcha *marry* them?

    "Deep love and respect for one another"?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:52 PM  

  • geez ann, id hate to think how you would have taken it if it was your relationship!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:57 PM  

  • Anon - I don't think this kind of comment is necessary here. Putting someone down for her honest comment about her feelings reflects badly on you, not her... I think you were just joking, but it sounds kinda crass.

    By Blogger velogal, At 6:03 PM  

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