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Monday, January 30, 2006

OK, here is the Monday Morning Lance Armstrong Radio Sirius Faction 28 report. Lance and Higgs were in Hollywood territory for what they announced as their “second live show in two weeks”. (More about the first live one last week, courtesy of one of my blog readers.) In the room with L & H were Will Farrell and Jim Ochowitz from USA Cycling - a long-time friend and colleague of Lance from the Motorola days.

The entire program was basically the guys sitting around shooting the breeze (often all at once - Hey guys, this is radio). Lots of joking, inside stuff, and tons of laughing. They first brought up the subject of Bode Miller - and said don’t listen to that show...(laughter). Lance said that Bode “could kiss my white ass”. (Obviously, Lance’s suntan is not on his behind, in spite of being in the South of France at the end of the Tour.) Someone commented that it was interesting that the article referring to doping came out in Rolling Stone in November, and somehow it is just getting publicity for Bode two weeks before the Olympics. Lance said they talked a bit about what to do or say about it and decided to just officially say, “Who the Hell is Bode Miller?”

Will Farrell mostly belched loudly and did an imitation of Dubya addressing a group of cyclists as “helmeted ones”. Will said that he was nervous riding in the pack at RftR because he didn’t want to knock anyone over. He is now in Montreal learning to ice skate like a pro for the movie “Blades of Glory”. Lance and Higgs said they will be in Montreal with Prez Clinton on March 6th. They joked about who should play Lance in the upcoming movie: Carrot Top, Robin Williams or Matt Damon - they seemed to agree that Damon was a good choice...

Lance said that he and the team partied in Ojai on Friday night - team building ..ha ha. And that he only rode about 20 miles in the sponsor ride and left... Lance added that George is looking so good and that he killed everyone else at training camp. (Remember what I said about him motoring up the Figuroa?)

Lance said he went to dinner at Spago on Saturday night, with stars such as Sidney Poitier, Jack Nicholson, Barbara Striesand, Sting and others. Said Poitier was dressed immaculately with immaculate manners... Lance said that he was dressed casual and that he felt like Forrest Gump there.... Kind of a disjointed show with Higgs trying to focus them on topics, but all the guys were full of P&V last night. They played Sheryl and Sting doing “Always on Your Side” - I liked it a lot...

So for the Sunday 22nd show, I got a brief recap from JC, a gal who is a cyclist and Lance fan. She listens to Lance’s program in her car every Sunday night. You Go Girl! Anyway, it seems that Lance and Higgs apologized for having so many re-runs and said they probably had lost all their listeners. They talked about the football game and the Longhorns losing to Denver. A caller asked how he deals with Luke when the team loses, and LA said something about not much cycling shown in the US, so not much chance of his kids seeing him screw up on TV when he was riding. Talked a bit about his South Africa trip and Lance said it really made a cultural impact on him - said he could take his kids there. Sounds like they played a lot of music.

Sorry, no photo today - I’m up to my ears in work from being gone for two weeks....


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