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Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Morning Lance Armstrong Sirius Radio Faction 28 report: Re-run of the show a couple of weeks ago. Poignant moment to hear the Sheryl Crow/Sting duet, “Always on Your Side”. I think that was the same show where Lance denied rumors that the couple had split....

Discovery Team is racing at the Ruta del Sol (Vuelta Andalucia) - guess everybody got left in the dust by an unexpected break-away yesterday. Even Dirk in the team car was waaaay in the back. Benoit Joachim hung in and came in fourteenth. Photo of Benoit is from the first day of this year’s Training Camp.

I took a break from cycling photography on Saturday, and drove down to the Pinnacles State Park, out of Soledad. It’s absolutely beautiful there - so peaceful and serene. Took three cameras, along with my macro and fish-eye lenses, and got some beautiful shots. I also got some strange looks from tourists with their point and shoot cameras... Envied the Park Ranger that I chatted with - he’s lived in that awesome setting for the past sixteen years. Told me about another hike in the park, up to where the condors live - I’m heading back to the Condor Condos with my telephoto lens after the Tour of California ends...


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