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Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Morning Stuff... Armstrong Radio Sirius Faction was a re-run - from the day Lance did the race in Ojai. I actually had not heard the entire show, so it was good to hear Lance talk about the Mike Anderson BS and his view of the media... Lance is not about to let anyone lay some smear trip on him that is a bunch of lies....

So, I was totally on overload the last two or three days - I decided to organize my small living space, and sent a lot of time at Ikea, and in then mi casa assembling storage units and throwing out junk. BTW - I am now a whiz at the Ikea system..

The other project that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time and energy on is expanding my photography business. So a new website is being launched, with the help of my friend and Web Guru at Check out the site - it’s still in progress....... I’ve decided to do some select wedding photography - I’m returning to doing weddings on a limited basis, after several years hiatus where I’ve concentrated on sports and cycling. So I need to develop an updated digital wedding portfolio. For the next couple of weeks, I’m willing to offer an inexpensive fee in exchange for the use of wedding photos for my portfolio... I’m also shooting a wedding next Saturday...

I put up some new photos on the page I have for my little friend, Cameron Stewart. He and his brother, Ben, competed in a Kid’s Triathlon near Sacramento. Cam is a 5 year survivor, and Lance is his hero. My blog entry last June 16 tells Cam’s story.... Go to the Link below, and leave a congrats message for Cam and Ben.


  • They're adorable. And a very touching story--thanks for keeping us posted on that.

    By Anonymous Amy, At 6:06 AM  

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