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Thursday, August 04, 2005

I took this pic of Eki at the team bus this year on the Champs Elysees. I’m putting it up ‘cause so many fans of Eki write to me. He’s really a great guy, and we’re all gonna be so glad to see him racing again.

And so glad so see that Max won Stage 1 of the Tour of Benelux in his home country... That’s sweeeet! So in the GC now, Max is in 1st and Roger is in 4th. I think the DC guys will do well here - so does Johan...

Congrats to Michael and Dede Barry on the birth of Liam Michael! They are gonna be great parents - Liam was probably born wearing cycling shoes.... I’m sure you’ve read that Triki is OK after being nailed by that motorcycle, and will be doing the Vuelta. And I see that a couple of Lance’s Tour bikes will be in a cycling museum in France, along with trois maillot jaunes and a LiveStrong wristband. Vive Le Lance...

Finally watched the OLN Lance interview with Phil and Paul. It was interesting to see and hear how much Lance regrets giving that Mount Ventoux win to Pantani. It’s the one mountain stage win that Lance has always wanted, and could have had if he hadn’t been generous to a fault, giving it away to Marco - Who ended up being so pissed and nasty about it, anyway.

And, much to the dismay of Paul, Lance clarified what really happened with “The Look”. He was not giving the Evil Eye to Jan - just checking on where his team was. Lance also apologized for saying that Jan didn’t wait for him when he took his famous ender from snagging the strap on the Credit Lyonnais goodie bag. Jan told Lance that he did, indeed, wait.... But I have to say, watching the tape, it sure doesn’t look to me like Jan is waiting, at least until Tyler calls them off.


  • Ullrich was directly behind Armstrong and Mayo when they went down. He had to swerve not to pile into them himself. He told Lance he didn't slow up right away because he didn't know what happened even though it happened right in front of him. There has never been any claim Jan's earpiece quit working. I find his expaination a little farfetched but if Lance is happy, I don't see why anyone else should not be. To Jan's credit, by the time Tyler came around waving his good arm to nearly stop the pace, it seems as though all the leaders had already dropped the pace considerably.

    I rode the Luz Ardiden this year and the point where Armstrong fell is very steep after the road had gotten pretty steep for a good stretch just before. The attacks of Mayo and Armstrong were very well placed and it was unfortunate that the accident occured.

    By Anonymous Bill Hue, At 11:48 AM  

  • Speaking of Mayo....what the heck happened to him the last two Tours? The guy was beating the heck out of everybody in the mountains but then in '04 he has major problems and this year he was never a factor. Anyone care to comment?

    By Anonymous Mark, At 11:31 PM  

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