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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I’m sure that you all watched Lance on Letterman last night. LA seemed so relaxed and happy. He answered all the usual questions with grace and humor. I don’t know how he stands to be asked the same damn questions over and over again. And I’ve sat through so many press conferences after he races where everybody asks the same thing.... Letterman did ask Lance if, with all his Tour riding expertise, he might get a job delivering Chinese food in NYC. Lance grinned and said that he guessed that he was looking for a job now.... But he clarified (again) that his priorities are his kids and supporting cancer research and the LAF.

Speaking of cycling (and what else am I supposed to do here?) I’ll give you the links again for the Timpani Crit and the SF Grand Prix Volunteer sites. Just click on the names and it will take you there....

Yep - we need volunteers in SF, and we need a crowd to cheer for the racers at Timpani... And, yes, we don’t call it Timpani for nothin’! We have a live Timpani player at the race! Clad in an elegant tuxedo, our club prez, Barry Gordon, Timpani Master Extraordinaire, salutes the winners, and cheers on the racers with grand timpani flourishes (or whatever they’re called). It’s worth coming out to just experience the vigorous and enthusiastic Timpani!

How many cycling races have you been to with a timpani? I’ll get a pic of him this year.... I’m usually in New York working that race, but since it’s cancelled till next year, I’ll be at the Timpani Crit in Santa Clara on August 7th. I will likely be doing my favorite thing: Course Marshaling.... Mais Oui, I’ll take my cameras along..

The photo? Yeah - Well, it's one of my cats being very athletic- in mid-leap. Hey, if I can show Odessa's dog, I can show my cat.


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