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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well, I knew this was gonna be a big day…. No doubt that Lance was going for the win – everybody knew it. When I went in for the petite dejeuner this morning at the hotel, I told Chris Brewer and the OLN guys that I put on clean sox and my Go Lance shirt just to guarantee the win for Lance.

It was absolutely amazing and delightful at the team bus today. Lance’s kids showed up with his Mom, Linda, and Sheryl’s parents, Bernice and Wendell. They put down a little blanket at the side of the bus and had a picnic. When Lance arrived, they jumped all over him (I have pics to put up in the gallery, but not sure I’ll have time tonight before they close the press center).

Then, while Lance was warming up for this most important TT – his last one, and his last chance to win a stage. But Lance totally paid attention to those kids while he was warming up. They played with his bike stuff, and I heard Luke ask his Dad, “Do you win lots of bike races?” Couldn’t hear Lance’s answer. Then he asked his Dad if he was going to ride the bike all the way to the finish line.

All three kids jumped all over Lance, and pestered him with questions. Lance gave his kids total attention right in the middle of his warm-up – it was very clear what his priority was. I thought about Jan warming up, probably being deadly serious, and also Ivan and the rest of the guys. Here was Lance, laughing and joking with his kids, family and staff.

Right before he left for the TT Start chute, he had a Power Gel – he wadded up the little container packet and tried to make a shot into the garbage bag. He missed by just a little bit. Well, he asked Ryszard to get the crumpled-up container and give it back to him so he could try again! This guy is leaving for the start of his TT and he is shooting baskets! Well, he tried a second time, and needless to say, the little crumpled foil ball sailed right into the garbage bag. That’s Lance…

It was just delightful to see Lance and Sheryl interact with those kids… It’s obvious that they all love each other so much… The kids adore Sheryl… She is so great with them. This evening, at Lance’s press conference, I saw Sheryl being a bit teary-eyed. I think we are all realizing this is the last dance….


  • Hi Velogal..
    Hmm.. All of LA's family is there..
    Hmm.. All of SC's family is there..
    You might just consider hiding in their baggage when they go on their "vacation" in the South of France..
    That way you can get a scoop on their "vacation" ceremony.. If anyone deserves such a scoop, it is you, Velogal..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:24 PM  

  • We watched on OLN as Lance was getting ready and his kids were so cute. His daughter should get a check from Nike with that advertising on her skirt! Obviously, Lance is very dedicated to his kids. It was great to see that, and it was great to hear your account of their conversation.

    Man....Lance was pounding out the tempo on that ride! Did anyone see that $%#& spectator who threw an entire jug of water (?) right in Lance's face? I can see the occasional drizzle of drops on the athlete's back going up a mountain, but this was an unwelcome dousing. Lance had to whip his head the other way in partial defense. Some of these idiots need jail time. Anyway, it was just FANTASTIC to watch Lance ride. At the first split, when he was behind Basso, we started to get a little worried, but he kept the pace and just killed everyone. What a way to end a professional career.

    Onward to Paris....looking forward to your next report!

    By Anonymous Mark, At 4:46 PM  

  • Hi Velo Gal

    Remeber me , Im the guy that gave you the news that Lance was gonna ride the TDF this yr

    What a great job , you have done through out the DF , awesome pics
    very funny storys

    The Discovery Channel or perhaps CB from THE PACELINE should hire you for next yr

    Loved the Blog , cant wait for tommorow July 24 th

    JP from Canada
    Lance and I ride Treks

    By Anonymous John Piercy, At 9:19 PM  

  • Great site! Hello 'Velogirl!' I met you in the San Jose TECH musuem cinema with an old friend Michael.'WE' met you FIRST in line THEN in the parking garage after the 3-D movie. 'We' must have followed your car 12-13 times around-and-around.(our car was 'lost' in a maze of other 'macchine!'. Yep Lance Armstrong has been my personal hero for YERS! A telented Lad he is.
    I NEVER leraned HOW to ride a bike as a kid, NOW I am making UP for it. Lance is an inspiration to 'us' all. Myself having 'feet difficulties' EVERY time I see Maestro ride a 'heavy ride' gives me strength & courage.
    Being the son of a Philsopher (Existentialist)Lance is just a HEAVY, heavy 'cat!'
    WHERE Can I write him?

    Caio a presto, Arturo G. Fallico

    By Blogger Mozzarellaface, At 4:10 PM  

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