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Friday, July 22, 2005

I drove through fields of sunflowers today, with ancient castles standing guard, ever vigilant with their golden flocks. The giant sunflowers seemed almost alive: moving, rippling - gently twisting and turning in the wind. Serene and peaceful as eternity, they silently watched while the frantic race traffic tore by at breakneck speed. I wanted to stop and take some shots, but the truth is that no photograph does justice to those magnificent golden fields.

The fans around the team bus were just huge this morning – I didn’t go to the bus after the race finished. I knew it would be a zoo. Plus, I parked near the Arriveé, and walked to the Centre de Press… And walked, and walked, and walked. It must have been almost 2k away, slightly uphill. I was carrying three cameras with big lenses, plus my laptop and assorted batteries and an extra lens. It felt like about 50pounds, and guess what? As soon as I finish this, I have to walk back and drive to St. Etienne and find my motel… Yep, I have to carry all that crap back, too.

I’ve driven about 6,200k already, and I have two huge driving days ahead of me. The drive from Dijon to Paris is so far that I’m not going to the start in Corbeil-Essonnes for the last stage – I’ll drive directly into Paris and leave my car at the Meridian Etoile. Then walk down to the Champs Elysees.

So this is short and sweet tonight – I gotta get these feet walking….

Check out the link for a super fine editorial about Lance by Patrick Gavin in the Washington Examiner.


  • Velogal,
    The image of you trekking to the zoo with 50 pounds of equiptment is just to fun. It was probably great to get out of the auto for a spell though. We want pix.
    The tour is winding up and I've enjoyed it with your blog adding to the excitment and fun.
    We are getting ready for Paris.

    By Anonymous Shirl, At 9:43 PM  

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