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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Depart in Mournex was in an area where there is an Eddie Merckx Velodrome. The Village Depart was set up in the center, grassy area of the velodrome. It’s nice to have a green carpet of grass to walk on, but in France, dogs go (and I do mean go) everywhere with their owners. So when the Village Depart is set up on paved areas, I can walk freely, with my head held high. But in the Village on grassy fields, I walk with lowered eyes - not because I’m shy, but because I am on the lookout for dog poop. I’ve seen some very elegantly dressed folks trying to clean their shoes and still look dignified and/or glamorous.

I hung out at the Discovery team bus this morning and got some shots of Sheryl, Odessa Gunn and Robin William’s wife (I was told). I’m not sure – I didn’t see Robin anywhere. Odessa had her two little peanut dogs, one dressed in a Gerolsteiner kit. I had told her that I’d give her zee naughty Podium Girl Gone Bad thong. She said she’d gone to the site and thought it was funny. I have totally neglected the site this Tour. I do have some podie gal pics to out up when I get back, tho…. Also, check out the Link for tour cartoons from Belgian newspapers, sent by my Belgian correspondent, Ann.

I got a hug and kiss from Sheryl – she was wearing a white Discovery Channel Team tank top. I hadn’t seen one before and it looked great on her. I told her that I was sharing the pics of her with her Fan Forum and she was happy to hear it – genuinely pleased that I was sharing my pics. She really loves her fans – they mean something to her – they are really important to her. She grabbed my hand and told me she was gonna do something nice for me. I’m putting some more pics up today in the Sheryl gallery.

Lance spent an extraordinary amount of time signing autographs this morning. One adolescent girl was so thrilled that she was literally shaking. She was immediately on the phone telling someone about it… Just totally stoked. Everybody here wears their cell phones on lanyards around their necks. Me, too…

It was really cool to see fans asking Pavel and Benjamin for autographs. These two guys are the quiet heroes – the workhorse domestiques who give their all, suffer in silence, and are given little attention from fans. Every day, they come quietly out of the bus while the fans are pushing and shoving and screaming for Lance, grab their bikes - they go out and do their job. Without them, Lance couldn’t win. I have seen them come in at the end of the stage: dirty, sweaty, bloody and depleted. The next day, there they are to quietly give their all again for Lance. The climbers get all the glory and attention, but my heart is always with Pavel and Benjamin. I love these two guys for their grit and guts…


  • Hi Sammarye,

    You're blog is exceptional! Thanks for sharing your insights and and love for the Tour and the people in it.

    I too agree with with your comments about the unsung heroes on the team. I take it beyond Pavel and Benjamin to the mechanics, the massage therapists and people I have no idea contribute every day in their own quiet and important way. What a great team.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:43 AM  

  • Great site! Only wish I would have found it earlier in the Tour. Good luck and have fun.

    By Blogger Jason, At 9:02 AM  

  • Thanks for another batch of great pics. I posted them on Sheryl's forum too.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:04 AM  

  • I really appreciate your insight into the TdF.. As soon as I get back on my feet, I will send you some $$$.. As a result of your blogsite, I stumbled over to the Sheryl Crow website the other day.. I have been unable to join yet. I believe the browser is malfunctioning.. I wanted to post over there (SC website) that on saturdy I heard a quick blip on ESPN regarding LA. He said that when he retires, he will be SC's fulltime guitar groupie. He ALSO said that SC and him are CURRENTLY building a home.. He didn't say the location, but I'd have to believe it will be in Austin.. The "unique" music enviornment there will be awesomw for SC... Too Cool!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:57 PM  

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