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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I know there are some Sheryl Crow fans that read my blog – so this photo is for them. I saw Sheryl twice today, and she looks fantastic. Saw her as I was driving out this morning, she was walking toward the Village Depart. We exchanged hugs and she asked me if I was coming to the Village, but I was heading out. Then, at the end of the stage, I saw her with all the folks behind the podium, where I took some shots. She was intently watching the TV, along with Mark Higgins and Jogi Mueller. I love the watch she was wearing – an oversize one, just like the kind I like to wear. I have to ask her if it’s a Nike or what. I want one!

I stayed in the most interesting and charming place last night, so I want to give you a heads up if you’re ever in the Briancon, Gap or Sisteron area. It’s in Mont-Dauphine Forte, which is an ancient fort. You drive across a moat and enter the walled city. It’s about 4k off from N94, so it’s totally quiet and serene there. The hotel is Auberge de L’Echaugette, and it is fabulous and affordable. The owners are nice people who speak English, and are very helpful. I was in a charming loft room, with a shuttered window that overlooked a garden and right out at the mountains. I was in the Lavande (lavender) room. There were heavy timber beams overhead – it was clean as a pin and newly redone. I highly recommend it.

I arrived late, but a local little restaurant/bar was open. I had a jambon and fromage omelette and frites (ham and cheese omelet with French fries), plus a beer. Chatted as best I could with the locals, who were on their way out to a field to celebrate their big holiday, umbrellas in hand.

Today is the National Holiday, Bastille Day – their Independence Day. Everything is closed, including stores and gas stations in the towns and villages. Last night, even tiny Mont-Dauphine had fireworks, unfortunately, in the rain. I leaned out my window and watched a great, first-class display of fireworks.

I sat down for Petite Dejeune there this morning, and was greeted by the large cat-in-charge. He was polite, but aloof, and declined to be petted. That is until I was served my café, jus de l’orange and croissant. Immediately, I had a cat snuggled up next to me, with his head a few inches from my plate and my croissant. I, of course, politely offered to share with him, and we became instant friends. He LOVED croissants! One bite for me - one bite for him. No thank you, he didn’t wish to have honey on his bites. We made short work of the croissant: he licked his lips and cleaned his face and waited for the next guest to arrive. My camera was already in the car, so I couldn’t get a photo of the Croissant Cat of Mont-Dauphine Forte.

FYI - I haven’t been putting photos up in the smugmug gallery because the wifi reception at the La Salle de Press has not been great in the mountains and there are constant disconnects when I am trying to upload. I’ll catch up soon…


  • Hi Velogal,
    Thanks for the lovely Sheryl pic. As soon as you have it up on your smug mug gallery I'll post it on Sheryl's forum.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:05 PM  

  • She looks fantastic!

    By Anonymous Amy, At 3:42 PM  

  • Velogal,

    I am so glad you noticed Sheryl's cool-oversized yellow watch. I searched the nike website and the net looking for similar yellow faced chronograph watches that resembled the one she is wearing--and no luck.

    If you find out the brand-please post. I would buy one in a heartbeat.

    Keep up the excellent work!!!!


    By Blogger gina, At 5:33 PM  

  • Great armchair quaterbacking coach. The photo of Sheryl was much appreciated. She looks real good as always, but also seems very much at home and happy in the Lance camp. She's a keeper!
    I've been wondering what ever happened to "The Hat"?
    Has anyone else been missing those terrific "Hat" pic's?
    Mahalo, Mandy

    By Blogger Willy, At 11:00 PM  

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