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Thursday, July 21, 2005

All is well after my parking faux pas yesterday – I did just fine with my Orange sticker on my car – nobody said a word to me. Except one of the Tour parking guys, and he told me it happens all the time… No Big Deal.

The photo is the cutest little guy who stood next to me at the DC bus this morning – he was very careful to not get in my camera’s way. When Sheryl came over to say Hi, he got a choice autograph! Too bad that Lance went out in the other direction, or he coulda scored twice…

In the Village Depart this morning, I saw Thomas Voeckler at the Coiffeur tent, getting his already short hair trimmed. The hairdresser fussed over him and used hairspray – too funny. This is right before Voeckler rode the stage! Helmets are mandatory… I got a couple of shots, but they didn’t turn out well with the harsh lighting and shadows – I didn’t have my Speedlight flash on the camera…

Three of my photographer friends were in a car accident yesterday during the stage. Not sure what happened, but the car rolled over, and one guy had to be hospitalized for hand surgery. I think he had his hand out the window and the car rolled on it. Yeow! To be a photographer and have your hand in jeopardy is a real bummer… They are all lucky to be alive. Driving the course at the speeds we do, with hundreds of media vehicles. Its just insanity.

I found out that Robin Williams is shooting a movie, and is not expected to be here at the Tour this year. Robin’s wife, Marsha, has been at the team bus. I just can’t imagine that Robin isn’t going to show up on the Champs Elysees!

This morning, I saw a very large woman in high heels struggle over the metal barricade - she worked really hard at getting over it, trying to sneak into the team bus area. She was very determined. However, a gendarme saw her and gave chase – it was about four steps. He made her climb back over and she couldn’t quite make it. He ended up sorta boosting her over, with the help of another spectator. People try sneaking in by the dozens - a few are successful.


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