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Friday, August 05, 2005

What a finish at the Tour of Benelux - Stage 2! Quinziatto of Saunier Duval was out in front from 4km looking like he was going to steal the sprint - Zabel was nowhere in contention. The peloton came thundering up, and in the last 10 meters, Cadamuro of Domina Vacanze surged past and takes the victory. It was a rainy, slick stage, with several crashes. I think that Max continues his GC lead as number one....

Doesn’t it make you want to be there? You know it does for me! I still have TWS - I feel like I’m stuck in the ole Voiture Balai. I’m scheduled to go to Downer’s Grove for the US Crit Championships - I already have my freebie tix on SWA, but the ole budget is saying, “Not tonight, dear”... Lodging and car rental and things that go bump in the night - Oh My! I’m wavering back and forth several times a day - Can’t quite bring myself to cancel the flight - You know how that is....

I’m transferring literally thousands of Tour photos from my laptop to my desktop. It’s really a time-consuming process and I’ve had to kinda fit it in between all the work stuff that piled up for the almost-month that I was gone. Plus, I‘ve got something new that I am starting - going to extend my photography business into a new area. More on this later and look for another website soon.

Thanks to all for you comments - Bill made some good points about yesterday's blog and "The Wait"... And Mark wants to know, "Where's the Mayo"? Is he in the Voiture Balai?


  • Anxious to hear about your new venture.

    Interesting interview here with Floyd Landis:

    By Anonymous Mark, At 10:00 AM  

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