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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Vuelta team has been announced: Ace, Triki, Tom, Stijn, Leif, Benoit, Benjamin, Chechu and Max. In reserve are Eki, Roger, Michael and Gennady. I thought Eki was coming to SF, and he still may if he isn’t called up for the Vuelta. It’s looking like a super fine race with Charles Dionne, Chris Horner, Ivan Basso licking their lips about the prize money, and the DC team wanting to look good in the neighborhood of Tailwind Sports, and racing in the back yard of Thom Weisel’s corporate digs...

Check out the Link for the story of a little eight-year-old gal, Sarah Cramer of Wilsonville, Oregon, who has joined the Peloton Project and is trying to raise the $5,000 that it takes to be invited to the Friday night Ride for the Roses dinner with Lance and Company. Seems that Sarah was diagnosed with a brain tumor last November. Sarah loves cycling, and she’s gonna ride in the LiveStrong Ride Portland event on September 25th. If you have a couple of bucks to spare, why don’t you head on over to the Livestrong Portland donate site, and have a look.

While the site is not associated with the Ride for the Roses Peloton Project, I know darn well the money is gonna head straight there, so she can be at the Friday night shindig in Austin....

I took the photo at the 2004 RftR Friday night bash.. I had to kinda crawl around the front of the stage and shoot with all the stage mikes and drums and stuff in the way... Lance was singing with Sheryl - Uh... no comment....


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