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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Everything is in the rush mode today - Day Before Depart... The worst part is trying to get all my business stuff completed, with all my business ducks, so to speak, in a row before I leave. The packing, etc. for the Tour is very routine by now - it's just all the other junk that is time-consuming and tedious.

So it appears that you may see Velogal from time-to-time on The Paceline after all. I guess they reconsidered their decision, and have asked a few of us "old-timers" on the site to contribute once in a while. I've heard from many, many of you fans that were disappointed, so please know that while I will post daily to this blog, I may also write a feature for The Paceline if something happens that I think you might find interesting. Thanks again for being such loyal fans!

So I leave quite early tomorrow morning and travel all night, then grab my car and head out of Charles De Gaulle for the Vendee area. So you will find that my blog entry may not happen for a day or so! Unfortunately, American Airlines does not have wifi like Lufthansa does... If I get stuck in an airport somewhere, I'll try to post from my T-Moblie IPAQ. Also, later on, my Web Guru and I will be trying to fix a couple of glitches in the coding for this blog, and maybe figure out a way to post images without screwing the blog up again. So if you are reading some test stuff and seeing weird stuff later tonight, it's just us!


  • Just make up a Free Flickr account Velogal and put a link on your blog

    Or I have a Pro account with Flickr , you can send them my way I'll post them for you


    By Anonymous John Piercy, At 4:49 AM  

  • Have a great trip.
    Be safe
    We will be anxiously awaiting your
    Go Lance!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:51 AM  

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