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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thanks to my Belgian Connection, I just got word that Lance had a training crash, and has a shiner (and I don’t mean Shiner Bock, either). From Nice, he says it was a “silly crash”, but he hit hard enough to break his helmet in two, get a black eye and road rash. Nothing broken, no stitches, but the usual road rash, and “feeling a little beat up”. Our Man says he’s fine and in great shape to start the Tour... So we may see him with a shiner at the start of the Tour - I bet the press will go into their usual frenzy over this... You know they will....

I’m charging batteries like there is no tomorrow. So damn many batteries to take that my luggage weighs a ton. Chargers, adapters, converters, surge protectors, car chargers, and on, and on....

Of course, I have to take a few Podium Girl Gone Bad books and a couple of thongs and some stickers. I put a PGGB sticker on both my check-ins. Nobody else will have on, so I can spot my stuff real easy....

I’m gonna do a test run with my Belkin AC Anywhere (these people should pay me for advertising). I’ll hook it up, and then hook up my laptop to see if it will charge it, and then also will set up my Garmin 10 Bluetooth GPS and see if it functions... Maybe I’ll route myself to the Starbucks across town and see if it works.. I’m gonna tell you, if my laptop gets fried, you are gonna hear a screech - I don’t care where in the world you are, you’ll hear it!


  • Wonder how long it's gonna take the paparazzi press to blame the shiner on Sheryl ;-)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:12 PM  

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