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Monday, October 30, 2006

Word is that Aussie Allan Davis (former Liberty-Seguros Wurth rider) is set to go to Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team, but.... He has to first get released from his two-year contract with Astana. Allen has been cleared from the Operation Open Mouth charges, and was cleared to race by the Australian Cycling Federation. In fact, he zipped away from Robbie McEwen to win the Noosa International Criterium in Queensland this past weekend. And of course, the UCI and WADA may try to get him on any kind of allegations that they can make out of the Spanish Farce.

Speaking of that, the Manolo Saiz camp is now saying there are falsifications and screw-ups on the Operacion Puerto documents. Well, I guess there must be something fishy in Denmark that is causing all the charges to be dropped, without any official explanation of why. A clear case of CYA?

However, before I paint Manolo with a halo, I sure would like to know what the 60,000 euro in cash and bags of blood were about. Was he doing some early Halloween party shopping for all the UCI/WADA vampires? Oh, another slight detail, Manolo’s Active Bay Company has to pass an audit before their Pro Tour license is actually approved - wonder in what Active Bay financial records column the 60,000 euro will appear? Gifts? Nope, Petty Cash, I think....

Is Jan going to join Tyler at Tinkoff Credit Systems team? Hey, the sponsor is a Russian billionaire - he should be able to afford Jan Ulrich... Both Jan and Ivan can clear the record sheet with a DNA sample, or so International Association of Professional Cycling Teams organization says.... Can you say Controversial? You bet...

And Ivan Basso is verging on an announcement of his new team.... I’m betting on Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team for 2007. And DC team rider Levi Leipheimer took an ender on his mountain bike this past weekend - scraped his shin pretty good, and has to have the doc take a look today....


  • What a mess. I wonder what it's finally going to take before this whole thing is resolved...a revolution probably. I am sickened by what happened to Floyd. What have they got against him, or is he their last hope for legitimacy?

    By Anonymous Debby, At 8:45 PM  

  • Has anyone tallied the ruined careers Operation Puerto has caused? Actually, it was not the OP, it was the rush to the cameras and microphones that certain messers Pound and McQuaid propogated. Who will answer to this!

    By Blogger pelotonjim, At 3:52 PM  

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