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Saturday, July 02, 2005

What a day! How about that we almost had three Americans on the podium again? Zabriskie is really hot right now - he really flew, and Lance was two seconds back, then Vinikourov at 53 back and then George at 57 back. Great riding by all those guys.

I am so proud of Dave Z ( I call him just Z) for taking the TT – I told the story of being in the hospital with him after his crash in Redlands, and I know how badly he was injured and how much he suffered. For him to have the starting of a great year is just fantastic.. I wish him well and lots of wins…

Lance looked calm and focused, despite being harassed by the French Govt. again. He was just tested, and then they barged in again. I bet that testing is something that he won’t miss after he retires! And the mobs of people … today was probably the worst crowded day at the bus – It was mainly the European press guys – that Daniel guy who broadcasts for France 2/3 was so pushy. He and his crew just shoved and pushed their way right to the front, where I was standing – about 4 or 5 of them just pushed right in front of me. Made me so mad!! He just says, “I’m the directeur” and pushes you aside.

Chechu looked terrific and so did Pavel and George. Lance’s knees showed that he had crashed recently. I didn’t notice the black eye, if it still existed. He looks so fit and tough – finely tuned is the phrase that comes to mind…

Sheryl was there, looking just so fine – she warmly greeted everyone. I assume that she went in the team car when Lance rode. You can tell that the staff and riders really like her – those are genuine hugs that she gets, not just polite gestures.


  • "despite being harassed by the French Govt. again" - if you really love this sport, then you ought to be 100% in favour of in-depth testing of EVERYONE to avoid the BS of the last years from happening again.
    Do you know of any us-based live video streams of the tour? The french video stream of france2 is blocked for us-based ip-adresses for "legal reasons"...

    By Anonymous Marie Curtes, At 1:16 PM  

  • go to

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:08 AM  

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