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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Lance is going to hold a press conference tomorrow in NY about his Global Cancer Initiative, and then at another press conference on Thursday at Interbike, he will announce his plans for his return to cycling. Bummer that I can’t be at Interbike this year, but like everybody else, I had to tighten up on the spending....

A long-time reader, Burt, gave me a heads-up on an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that rumors about a “possible buyout” by Lance of the Tour de France from ASO, calling it an “audacious plan”. Huh? Is this April 1st or what? However, you can read it for yourself if you follow the link.

And then there’s the thing with Alberto Contador and Lance on the same team. Alberto has been tearing up the road with his wins since he was aced out of the 2008 Tour. He said that he welcomed Lance back to the cycling world, but more recently sounds like he is wondering if there is room for them both at Astana. Alberto feels that he has rightly won the title of team leader for 2009, especially at the TdF. However, he is wondering how that will work if Lance has that same goal... Don’t think Alberto would have any trouble finding another team, but sure hope we don't lose him... Stay tuned...

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