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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How nice to hear from so many of my readers, even though I have somewhat abandoned my blog. I especially appreciated the encouragement from John B., and thanks! So, by popular demand (a-hem) I’ll share what I am thinking about Lance’s return to the cycling world.

I did a memory lane thing and looked at some of my photos that I took at the Postal training camp in 2002. Go to my smugmug gallery to have a look at just a few of them. Wow, all the guys looked so young then. It was such an exciting time for all of us!

And then I looked at what I wrote in my last posting on the now defunct Unofficial Lance Armstrong Fan Club> Here’s what I said,

“September 23, 2007 - Quote from Lance in The Canadian Press on the Floyd Landis decision:
"Armstrong spoke briefly with reporters before he jumped on a bicycle, saying that his career focus now is on fighting cancer. He declined to answer questions regarding the decision a few days ago in which an arbitration panel stripped Floyd Landis of his 2006 Tour de France title because it said Landis used synthetic testosterone.

"I'd love to answer the question but unfortunately I'm out of that business," said Armstrong. "I'm here to fight cancer. I haven't looked online. I still love the bike and ride all the time but on the competitive side I'm just not engaged." He said cycling issues now are "just a distraction for me."

Velogal thinks that Lance's current feelings about his role in the cycling world are her cue to close down this Lance Fan Site. I started this site in December, 2000 as a tribute to Lance, and he has never let me down in his courage, honesty and integrity as a cyclist and a seven-time Tour de France Champion.

Along with messages from untold numbers of Lance's faithful fans, I have endured hate mail, personal threats, virus attacks, and deliberate spam usage of my email address. I have been proud to carry the Lance Armstrong Fan Club Banner for all those years. I have been honored to be invited to the team training camps for the last seven years. It has been a great ride with Lance and his team of high-class, hard working guys.

My focus for this site has been Lance in the cycling world, and it doesn't feel right to me to change the focus to following Lance around the world now. Lance already has plenty of coverage and support for his tremendous and inspiring fight against cancer.

Thanks to all the faithful and long-term fans of this site... “

Well, it sounds like Lance is back in that cycling biz again and, knowing Lance, he will ride, and train, and suffer, and give 100% to get ready for those races. And will he be with Astana? Jeeze, I cannot imagine that he would ride anywhere else.

Hmmm - I was just thinking what the ASO old boys might be saying when they heard the news... “Merde”, “Sacre Bleu”, Non, Non.. Mon Dieu!” “Quick, call zee cesspool at Chatenay Malabry and prepare some piss samples for 2009!”

So I guess you will be hearing from me from time to time. Not everyday, I’ve got other things going... Oh yeah - here come the same few haters, hitting the Comment button... Puleeze, I’ve already heard from you few, and know what you’re gonna say... So save it, I’m not gonna publish it... Get your own blog...



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