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Monday, February 18, 2008

You can catch my “up close and personal” style of photos from the Palo Alto Prologue of the 2008 Amgen Tour of California at It was just great to see so many of the Discovery guys with the Astana team. I was given an Astana cap and team credential and several welcome hugs from the guys. I have to say that my Iron Man, Eki, is a real class act. Thank you, Eki, for everything...And Chechu is just the best...

It was pretty laid-back around the team parking area at the hotel. The crowds of fans around the team area have steadily dwindled, around not only Astana, but all the other teams, too. The Rock Racing area was on the other side of the hotel from the rest of the team parking, and they had quite a crowd. Their wrenches are so totally hip and cool.. but then everybody around Michael Ball is. The contrast between Rock Racing and Slipstream is fascinating to observe, and so typified by their kits.

Also on race day, the fans packed the street to get autographs from Tyler Hamilton, Santiago Botero and Oscar Sevilla. Rock Racing had a big, shiny black Rolls Royce and a little gal who repeated, like a recording, “ Please stand away from the car, please stand away from the car”.. They also had a huge bodyguard in a black suit and sunglasses, with a hip hair style...Of course, their barbed wire protest kits generated a ton of interest and the three guys were signing posters like mad. . “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you - Bad Boys, Bad Boys” Hell - design an edgy crucifixion kit overnight and let the banned riders sign posters. Great publicity - Love it... So did the fans.

The Astana guys look real good, but they are all so disappointed about the Tour exclusion. It makes no logical sense at all. Look at how many teams since 1996 have been nailed for some kind of doping offense and still rode in the Tour the next year.. Think Festina history. Think last Tour’s Rabobank and the formerly T-Mobile team - are they excluded this year? What’s that you say? You think that that ASO knows damn well that Johan has another winning team and this is the way to stop him? You say you think that there is Revenge in the ASO cold money hearts and beady ASO eyes? I’ll be darned - who would’ve ever thunk it....

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  • It is sooooooo good to read your "race" report, you sound happy. Miss you girl.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:50 AM  

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