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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It seems like slime always surfaces in one way or the other, especially the disgusting puppy mill slime. So Peter W. Raap of the horrific Cottonwood, CA kennel (see my blog postings starting April 22, 2006) is still running a kennel, and still finding some woman to front the sales for him. This time it is in Citrus Heights, CA and a woman named Brenda Hill is selling Maltese-ShihTzu puppies with an ad in the huge Sacramento Bee newspaper. The last woman who was employed by Raap was a convicted animal abuser named Norma Kehrer. Tehama County revoked Raap’s kennel license for two years for hiring Kehrer.

So Brenda Hill is selling the puppies for $600 to $700 and has about twenty tiny, helpless puppies in her patio in her Citrus Heights home. God only knows where Peter Raap’s kennel is now ... it may still be in Cottonwood. Tehama County is less than interested in monitoring his adherence to the law, as it seems from past history. It took the brutal deaths of seventeen dogs and one hundred more sickly dogs in a filthy kennel, plus the outraged protests of citizens to get any action from them.

I am disgusted to say that Peter W. Raap is a resident of my neighboring town of Los Gatos, CA. Last I heard of him, he was in some kind of legal trouble for being in possession of a stolen vehicle, as I recall. Raap makes his living off the back (or should I say womb) of suffering, defenseless dogs, who remain alive in wire cages only as long as they are able to breed litter after litter, year after year. When they are of no more use to him, they are shot out in the back field, or worse. And if you think that he finds homes for the tiny puppies who are not saleable, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I will sell to you...

If you are disgusted and appalled by the Michael Vick dog fighting story, then you need to speak out about this horrific puppy mill owner.

Here is what I wrote to the Sacramento Bee. It was sent to reporter Ailene Voisin, because she wrote about the Vick case, and asked people to speak out and scream out about the abuse of dog fighting. My letter was also copied to Janis Heaphy, Publisher and President, and Rick Rodriguez, Executive Editor of the Sacramento Bee..

I am writing to you because I read your column about Michael Vick dog fighting last month. I want to ask for your help in stopping an equally cruel, dog abuser. His name is Peter W. Rapp and he has been convicted of animal abuse in Tehama County last year. His kennel license was revoked, but he obviously is still in the puppy mill business with a hidden kennel.

Please read this:

Why am I writing to you? Because Peter W. Raap is selling puppies through an ad in your newspaper. He has a woman who says she is "helping him expand his market area" and she has listed and is selling his puppies. The ad is shown below.

The woman selling the puppies is Brenda Hill and she lives in Citrus Heights. Because of my blogging effort to stop Peter Raap's animal abuse, I was just contacted by a person who recently bought a puppy from Hill. This buyer had Googled for Peter W. Raap's name because they were suspicious, and found my blogs, and contacted me. This person said that Brenda Hill had about twenty puppies on the patio of the house.

I am asking that you investigate this and make the public aware that this convicted animal abuser and chronic liar is still in business. I also ask that the Sacramento Bee remove this advertising from the paper and online classifieds. I am sure that you are not knowingly promoting sales involving an illegal kennel and puppy mill cruelty. You can contact K. "Beau" Beauregard, Assistant Director of Tehama County Animal Services at 530-527-3439 to verify this information.

I do not know Peter Raap and I am involved only to speak out on behalf of those innocent female dogs and puppies who have no voice, no choice, and no way to escape their suffering. I am speaking out, as you wrote in your column, and need your help to scream....

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