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Monday, March 20, 2006

Funny story - I received a copy of Samuel Abt’s new book, “Up the Road” in the mail last week from VeloNews. I couldn’t figure out why they sent it, and the note said it was for my review. So I thought it was kinda odd that they would want me to review Sam’s book - it’s usually magazine and newspaper writers who review books.

Well, last night I finally got around to having a look at this very cool book. It's a fascinating compilation of articles that Sam has written since the early 80’s - about the goings-on in the cycling world thru the eyes of an insider. These are his favorite articles that tell the story of the Tour.

Well, I took a look at the Table of Contents and was totally surprised to see the title “Super Fan” in Part Three. It’s a story that Sam wrote about me in 2003, the year that I was having a blast being just a fan, not particularly a serious photojournalist at the Tour. I remember he and James Startt stopped along the Tour route to talk with me a few times, while I was standing there with my Go Lance banner. Which generated lots of interest from the other bystanders, trying to figure out if I was a Somebody or not... Not...

OK - now for the Monday morning Lance Armstrong Sirius Faction radio report: Matthew McConaughey was the guest, but he was more like the interviewer, and added welcome substance and content to the show. Lance told him they could say or swear anything they wanted to because they are on satellite radio and nobody is listening, anyway.

Lance has lost his Blackberry and is pretty desperate to get it back - sounds like he may have lost it in Austin. So if you find it, call Capital Sports Entertainment office in Austin - I think there is a generous reward awaiting you...

Matthew said “Failure to Launch” generated something like $48 mil ( I can’t remember, or care, over what period of time) - they talked movie dollar numbers. Cost $35 mil to make and with publicity, etc , something like $50 mil.Lance said that Matthew just plays himself in all his movies - teased Matthew that he doesn’t really act, he is just himself, but gets paid for it.

Matthew selected the songs and they played “Boys of Summer”, the original version by Don Henley. Matthew said it made him think of his younger days when all he got was green lights.... Lance joked about Matthew staying in the world’s baddest Airstream in an RV park in Austin, and how they did some late-night playing drums and partying there.

They talked about Matthew’s signature JKLS - Just Keep Living Strong.... Matthew asked Lance what life is like now that he is no longer in cycling competition - that when he was cycling it seemed that cycling life was black-and-white... winning was everything. Lance agreed that winning was everything during the Tour and he hated the idea of losing. Said it would be the Walk of Shame to come to the dinner table and see his team looking at him if he lost... Said it was a powerful motivator to him to not let those guys down who gave everything they had each stage to help him win. He said that in cycling, “We got our hate on in order to win” and what he hated was losing.

Lance and Matthew continued to talk about life now being difficult to navigate - not B&W now, but shades of gray and also multi-colored. Lance said that now, in the cancer community and in an example with Luke, he's learning to stay in the gray - being more tolerant. Like giving Luke his space and letting him decide when to give up his training wheels.

They also talked about kid’s competitive teams and the concept of not keeping score... Neither Lance or Matthew were for that idea - said that kids need how to learn to win in life. Lance said that Luke just finished his basketball season, and Matthew joked that he bet Lance kept score on who won the games....

They talked a lot about sports and Texas winning - (sorry - I lost my concentration there - I didn’t know there were other sports than cycling ... just joking)

Matthew told the story that he’s told on several TV talk shows about his brother, Rooster, having a baby boy and naming him Miller Lyte McConaughey... Higgs and Lance said that next week will be a re-run, and they ended with something from AC-DC, I think. Nah - I just remembered - they closed with Waylon Jennings - Long time Gone....


  • Thanks so much for your great site and for your support of Sheryl. It's much appreciated. I've always admired your photos, and I'm going to go to your photo site right now and buy a couple!

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