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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Here’s a pic of Chris Brewer ( interviewing Paul Sherwin and Bob Roll before the start of Stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California. We were in Sausalito, right beside the sign-in area. I’m sure that you can find the interview on the Paceline.

Well, Lance is in Canada, touring with Bill Clinton. It’s interesting to read what the news releases say - In Ottawa, 5,000 people attended the Power Within conference. They paid from $230 to $2,000 per ticket, and the crowd went crazy over Clinton. In Saskatoon, for the same Power Within conference, I read that the ticket prices were slashed due to poor sales...

If so, then Clinton and Armstrong are not the only ones - there’s a big conference at Moscone Center in SF, featuring Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins, Suzy Orman and the Rich Dad, Poor Dad author. How to be a Millionaire Like We Are, or How To Be Filthy Rich, or something like that.... Anyway, I saw on TV this morning that ticket sales are lackluster, so they have slashed the prices for their conference, too. You can see and hear The Donald for only $99.

As I said in my audio post yesterday, for Discovery Channel to agree to sponsor the Tour de Georgia is a huge score for the race organizers. They must feel like they’ve won the lottery. I haven’t seen whether DC is sponsoring for one year only, or have made a longer commitment. I have always been hoping that Discovery Channel would step up and sponsor the now extinct SF Grand Prix. Who knows, maybe there’s a chance it will happen in the future.... Would be a great way for DC to develop a presence on the West Coast.


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