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Monday, March 06, 2006

Par-tay, Par-tay... Team CSC celebrates their First in the Team Classification in the 2006 Amgen Tour of California, with two magnums of Korbel champagne and a check for $8k. They didn’t waste all the bubbly on the crowd...

Monday morning Lance Armstrong Sirius Faction Radio Report. Another live show, from Austin, with Andy Roddick as guest. The guys were watching the Academy Awards while doing the show. Lance and Higgs recapped the week - Lance was in Santa Rosa for the Stage finish. He said that he rented a car and did a solo road trip thru Mendocino, Arcata and Eureka. (During the Amgen Tour, I was talking with Dave Letteri - I said , “How’s my main man doing?” Dave just whipped out his cell phone and called Lance to find out. I heard him, very surprised, say to Lance, “What are you doing in Arcata?”) What Lance was doing was just getting away for a while. He said he loved running thru the Redwoods - that he could have run for miles and miles. But, before that, Lance had taken the kids up to Tahoe for some skiing. Lance said that snow is not this thing - he’s a beach kinda guy. Give him warm sunshine and cold beer.

Lance said that right before his California trip, Sheryl had called him with her cancer diagnosis. Lance said he was devastated - that her diagnosis news was worse than his own because he was so powerless against something that so affected someone he cares about. But he says the cancer was discovered so early that her prognosis is real good, and she is strong. He said she will be back doing her Tour and he will be in the front row for her first show.

Lance talked about riding with Johan for one stage of the ToC, and it was rather boring. Said that they shot the Discovery Channel commercial on Monday and Tuesday after the race ended, and it poured rain on them the first day of the shoot. Then good weather for the shooting on Tuesday and the team had to fly out and race almost immediately in Europe.

They did a silly running bit about somebody telling them that they needed a “chick” on the show, so they sent Andy’s friend, Sam, out on 6th Street to find a chick to bring back to be on the show.... Never happened. They talked a bit with Andy about how he started his tennis career at age 7 and turned Pro at age 17. Lance was impressed that Andy has the fastest recorded serve - 155mph.

They talked about some drunk guy who stalked them in a sushi restaurant, and sat down at their table, pestering them. I guess Lance, Higgs and Andy were trying to be nice, but the guy pushed them too far when he followed them to 6 - they had him thrown out. He protested all the way, saying he was their friend. Of course, it wasn’t hard to get some help at 6 - Lance’s friend, College, is one of the owners, and Lance is a financial backer of the club.

They took a call and the gal asked about Lance’s dog that had the heart surgery. Lance said the dog is OK, but he is living in Los Angeles (at Sheryl’s, I assume). Also, ah-hem - Lance pointed out that Bode Miller didn’t win anything at the Olympics.... (Yes, it’s true, Lance never forgets if somebody does him dirty, or stabs him in the back.)

Lance and Higgs will be in Canada all this week - Prez Clinton will appear also. Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver are some stops there. Lance and Higgs frequently commented that they didn’t think anyone listened anymore because of all the re-runs. Sounds like maybe now we will hear more consistent live shows...


  • I knew they'd have a new show last night since I couldn't tune in! Does anyone know if the shows are archived and available for download? I tried to email Sirius Faction to find out if the LAR shows would be added to their Podcast but I never got an answer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:57 PM  

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