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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thanks to everyone for their comments about my well-wishes for Sheryl's breast cancer treatments. I don't have any inside info about her diagnosis or treatment. But to me, Cancer Is Serious... I don't think any cancer diagnosis should be minimized or taken lightly, nor should radiation treatments.

The body's response to radiation differs with each individual, but you can go to the Link below to see what The American Cancer Society says about radiation treatment in the breast and chest area. It does not apply to everybody, but you don't know ahead of time what is going to happen with you during treatment.

Radiation is toxic, people - it destroys.... And the body fights against the toxic radiation at the same time it is fighting against the cancer cells. Getting one's breast radiated thirty-three times may not have only a "minimal discomfort" result for many women and men. Radiation, down the line, usually means real fatigue.... The strongest of the strong sometimes wear down and wear out...

Yes, let's not forget that men get breast cancer, too. Go here to my LAFC site to read Michael Hayes Samuelson's poem Close The Door When You Leave about his breast cancer. I bet this poem speaks for Sheryl and many, many other cancer survivors. I know it does for me....


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