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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wow - Hatred is an ugly thing.... I see it as a toxic, puke-yellow-green colored place festering inside some folks. Hatred doesn’t seem to co-exist with common sense or rational thinking, and Hatred believes anything that is written anywhere, but only as long as it says what Hatred wants to hear.

Oh, yeah, the other thing I am learning about Hatred is that it usually calls itself “Anonymous” and rarely has a legitimate email address.... However, since I have access to the originating IP of all posts to my Lance Guestmap and Guestbook, I notice that Hatred seems to live fairly often in France, Spain and South America.... Yep, Hatred lives right here in the good ole US of A, too..

I received dozens and dozens of emails, and really, only a very few were from Haters. Most of the emails were from rational, thinking folks who don’t swallow L’Creep stories and headlines as “facts”. The following is an email that summarizes very well the contents of all the emails that are coming in. Ryan from Colorado, gave me the OK to use this....

Hi Velogal -

Long time reader here. Had some things on my chest that I wanted to
get out.

It's just amazing to me how in less than two days, French media has
taken this so far to the extreme. Now in its wake are American media
outlets ambulance chasing these outlandish reports. I just don't
understand. Firstly, I think you're right about this bastion of
yellow journalism again throwing out unmerited allegations. Who can
dispute this research? They know it; they can say what they want to,
he's a public figure.

Secondly, and this is the thing I always say when people dispute LA's
cleanliness: what would be his motivation to dope? The man has
survived advanced stages of cancer and returning to even ride
professionally is a feat unto itself. Take a look at the man and you
see that the people and places he goes above and beyond his
profession to do what he thinks is right is unbelievable. Not
withstanding Ride for the Roses, Tour of Hope, extensive visits with
cancer patients, not to mention his own cancer foundation which has
raised incredible amounts of money for research - and is listed as
one of the most streamlined non-profits (no excessives: close to all
of the money goes to the cause). He's a hero and an inspiration to
millions. Again, what would be his motivation to risk this by blood

As the red-headed stepchild of Europe (and the rest of the world for
that matter), France is left once again as an island unto itself. It
would be an interesting L'Equipe report to take into account the
money and awareness that LA has raised for that good country. Take
into accounts the millions that have flocked to the French
countryside during the past seven Julys, staying in French hotels,
eating bad French food, buying souvenirs, bolstering their economy.
Where's your Messiah now, Frenchies? He's back in Austin - and again
outcasted by the people and culture he's been such an advocate for
throughout his cycling career. Talk about biting the hand that feeds
you! He gave those yellow tabloiders a job all those years ago.

This isn't new news, granted. But for some reason when I wake up and
see polls plastered on asking whether people think that
Lance is clean (70% approval rating, although good if you're a
president, is just ridiculous). This seems like a different day for
this second coming of the same old cavalry. It makes me sad and
angry. Not just because I'm a fan of LA, but because he can become
another victim of people who are admittedly out to get him. They
have been for years. Why? Because he's too good. And that's
something that France and the rest of Europe have never had any
experience with. They've never had an international cross-over hero
of this sort. Seriously, I can't even think of a famous French
person. Wait, Gerard Depardieu - there's one. Tin Tin - there's

Give me a break. I hope and pray that this blows over like it always
has - because Lance has shown us all how to face adversity. It just
irritates the piss out of me to see his good name get slandered.
Keep on truckin', LA. Thanks for your good work, VG.

Thanks, Ryan - Well said, and kudos to you, too! And kudos to all of you who LiveStrong in your belief in Lance and his dedication to finding a cure for cancer - Thanks for all your supportive, thoughtful emails...

Oh, yeah - The pic is the Texas flag flying high above Le Crillion Hotel in Paris, France.


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