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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yawn....zzzzzzzz...same ole...same ole... L’Equipe is up to their usual sleazy journalism.. Sell those papers, get those hits on their site... Dig thru garbage, dredge up frozen piss, do whatever it takes, ‘cause doping accusations about Lance still sells.... Gee, not too much to write about now that the Tour is over - Bashing Jan about his weight is boring, and the Tyler thing has kinda slipped off the sensational headlines... Virenque, the proven doper, is the national French hero, so leave him alone - don’t touch his frozen piss... Let’s get Lance...

I was thinking this morning about how this one reporter from L’Equipe is always around Lance and the team. I forget his name - let’s call him Dick... Every year at training camp, Dick and his photographer show up in their expensive rental car. Like media prima donnas, they expect the royalty treatment and exclusive access for interviews. They are haughty, demanding and rude, to say the least. They act like Solvang is Hicksville, and have no respect or appreciation for the warm, friendly people or the beauty of the countryside around Solvang.

These same guys are always at the Tour, pushing and shoving the rest of us around to get their interviews and photos. With big, phony grins and handshakes, they interview Johan and Dirk and the team. With hearty handshakes and the sharp knife of sleazy journalism hidden behind their backs, they pretend to pander to Lance and the team to get the access they want.

Know what? I hope that the management of the Discovery Team just sends L’Equipe out the door, and tells the Dick guy, “Don’t let it hit you in the butt as you leave....”. The DC team damn well does not need that two-bit French newspaper - We do not need their sleazy publicity and we damn sure don’t get any good will from them.

So what I’d sure like to see is a No-Interviews-for-L’Equipe Policy go into effect as of right now.... F’em - nobody even remotely connected with the team even gives them the time of day from now on.... C’est finis, L’Equipe Dick...

Photo is from 2004 Tour....


  • Could not have said it better myself. ;-)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:39 AM  

  • didnt know they were freezing the piss and retesting with better methods... just imagine in 2020, ultra-sophisticated tests reveal that the whole peloton from 1990 to 2005 was drenched in drugs. I guess that most professional cyclists are about to get cold feet, thats what they call a time bomb...
    btw, newspaper-bashing and finger-pointing ("those nasty french do it, so why cant we?") may not be the answer.

    By Anonymous sam, At 8:58 AM  

  • It has been well known for some time that Armstrong's blood and urine samples would be stored "for eternity" and be subjected to any new test available in the future to test for substances banned prior to, during and after the period in which the sample was taken, until there was no sample left to test. With that as a given, if Armstrong used EPO in 1999 (was EPO illegal in 1999? Is that relevant??), and had samples taken 6 times during that year's Tour de France, would he just wait around until he was "caught"? He is a calculating and intellegent man. I can hardly believe he would allow, without some sort of premptive strike, this kind of surprise. And, with his litigation against his insurance company pending, there seems a real possibility of significant ($5 million) monetary damages which is the stuff slander suits are made. So it will interesting to see whether he sues the newspaper and whether he will seek access to the samples for independant testing, both of which a rich and intellegent innocent man probably would do.

    By Anonymous Bill Hue, At 9:05 AM  

  • bande se suceuses de bites, armstrong est le plus grand tricheur de l'histoire du cyclisme, il incarne la négation ultime de la beauté du sport; il vous a bien fait revé en vous parlant de miracle mais il vous enculait par derriere ... cet amerloque de mes 2 a trahi un sport magnifique et seuls les idiots osent encore le defendre !

    Armrstrong tu meriterait la peine capitale !
    merci l'equipe d'avoir revelait une verité qui n'etait que trop previsible !

    Lance restera desormais a jamais dans l'histoire du tour comme le pire des tricheurs !

    La France hait armstrong, l'equipe a vengé la sport !


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:20 AM  

  • The L'Equipe party-line speaks up... What are your comments on Virenque. La meme chose?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:31 AM  

  • Hey guys Virenque was destroyed by french press when EPO in his piss was proved, i can tell you. By l'Equipe and by other papers. It was for using EPO in 1998. The method was the same: checking frozen piss. So YES epo was illegal in 1999, completely illegal. hey just didn't have methods to find it.

    And the investigation was made by the laboratory on all frozen pisses of people from a lot of sports (soccer, tennis). I live in the city where the laboratory is. They just gave to l'Equipe , as to other papers, the scientific completely proved information.

    All I can say is , like a lot of other, Lance took EPO, and maybe other things. Maybe all the Tour takes Epo, and Armstrong would have won anyway if nobody took aything, but the fact is that he took EPO, if he attacks the paper in justice he will loose, because the informations are strong and checked by different laboratories, the police, and so on...

    Guys, it is not a conspiracy, he just lied, as most of his challengers, as Virenque did (he was a national shame at this time, for most of french, he was destroyed by all the medias), so Lance is not a Hero that can win 7 tours without taking products, that's all.

    That's all for me, good night!

    By Anonymous Adrien, At 11:33 AM  

  • Historically the french have always been the sore losers and the first ones to bitch about losing. So here it goes again and If you cannot beat them smear them. And what is this nonsense from Tour head Leblanc that he was let down by Lance. Can he not wait till atleast the thing is official? Lance single handedly improved the viewer rating of the tour and almost boosted the lousy french economy with the tourist revenue, so I would atlest say give him the professional courtesy.
    I would also like to know who is the idiot who posted in French, contrary to popular french belief french is not the universal language.

    By Blogger Sekhar Mallipeddi, At 12:11 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Sekhar Mallipeddi, At 12:34 PM  

  • It's not about frozen piss, scientific evidence or doping. This is L'Equipe paying Lance back for his comments on the podium during his speech. Typical infantile Equipe tactics. Vindictive little bastards.


    By Anonymous P.A., At 12:42 PM  

  • Here is a rebuttal from Pena, Lance's former teammate (from the S.F. Chronicle story on the L'ECreep claims). Certainly, his comments on the close tabs being kept on Lance can be easily verified:

    "Victor Hugo Pena, Armstrong's former U.S. Postal Service teammate, said the French were bad losers who could never accept his supremacy on the Tour.

    "What Lance achieved nobody can take away," Pena, who helped Armstrong to three of his seven Tour victories, told Colombia's Caracol radio Tuesday. Pena said Armstrong was so closely watched during the Tour that it would have been impossible for him to use performance-enhancing drugs.

    "Not only did the sports laboratories constantly test him, but video cameras were set up in his room and police agents constantly monitored Lance's movements and who was visiting him and even his phone conversations," Pena said.

    The same article also noted that the lab itself couldn't positively identify to whom each of the samples belonged -- the newspaper took it upon itself to do that. C'mon people -- L'ECreep just can't let it go, and Lance is a true hero!

    By Anonymous LGM, At 2:18 PM  

  • I come from Sweden and I sent this letter to the editorial staff at L´ECreep:

    You know what?
    You - and the French people - are pathetic losers.
    L O S E R S.
    Just let me say Eunice Barber and Richard Virenque. Two typical representatives for the French people.
    Losers. Bad losers. Liers. Ugly liers.
    You are the worst rasists in the world. (Well known fact)
    You are the most arrogant people in the world. (Also well known fact)
    Try to clean up your own yard before pissing in others.
    Stop this witch-hunt for Armstrong.
    The world is laughing at you.
    You know what: Next time you´ll really have to test your nuclear weapons - please don´t do it in the Pacific Ocean. Do it at home. In Paris, Lyon, Marseille.
    The world would love it!
    No, I´m not American, I´m from Sweden.

    "Don´t buy Froggie Products"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:10 PM  

  • well, I had to say something in this weird forum
    (je suis français, et je déteste armstrong, et je rigolerais bien qd il crevera à 41 ans dans des souffrances méritées)
    I am french, and absolutely hate armstrong. Don't tell me I'm anti-american, I probably now better about football (specially if you talk Colts, we'll get those patriot bastards some day, and it'll be even better) and baseball (way to go bosox!) than most of you, and I grew up admiring greg lemond, because unlike someone he is tolerant, not arrogant, and doesn't flinch when we talk about doping. This guy could have won 7 if performance-enhancing drugs used by indurain & co made him a faire-valoir. I was in the Champs- Elysées for his victory over frenchman laurent fignon in the final stage, an 8 second margin after 4000 km! So no "fucking froggie, you like losers and you're chauvinist" UNTRUE! I like people who are fair, and lance isn't, watch how he ditched his wife, mother of his 3 children, which he overexposes by the way, they should sue him later!

    Lance Armstrong is a cheater, I have no proof but evidence, and I don't need to because I'm not a judge. If there's a god, this cruel man will suffer even more than with his cancer because he cheated everybody.

    It is now, dating august 23, a proof (and not fictional journalist work) that 6 of the 12 positive for EPO samples of frozen urina taken in 1999 were armstrong's, read before you say something irrelevant. In 1999 armstrong was positive for EPO, and the progress in research made that only avalaible today, but better now than never, I hope this guy lives in the shame he has put on several (maybe not clean, but clearly less talented) other riders.

    for the swedish guy you're a fool, you should be ashamed of yourself for criticizing eunice barber, if it wasn't for her heptathlon would be as boring as a lance armstrong attack in a climb), and as for being racist, we certainly tolerate more arabs and blacks than in your ole monarchy (which we got rid of plenty of time ago, 1789), by the way since sweden is not so full of people, get to karolina k and tell her to get her teeth fixed cause she might be blonde, tall and thin, she's as ugly as eunice (well she isn't so french anyway, her sister doesn't even speak french)

    now if someone wants to follow the debate, I'd be glad, but no insults Please!

    By Anonymous mylo, At 6:26 PM  

  • je confirme de sacrées suceuses de bites; tout ça parce que monsieur a une belle gueule. je tiens à signaler que l'homme n'a pas le pack complet, il a une petite absence au niveau du slibard (peut-être que "on m'aurait menti?" mdr!)

    en tous cas belle gueule ou pas, perso j'ai plutôt eu envie de le pousser dans une pente d'un col ces 7 dernières années, et je regrette toujours qu'il ait pas fini dans le ravin, d'ailleurs rien ne m'expliquera jamais sa chance de cocu, pas une chute (dangereuse) même ses coéquipiers d'ailleurs, 1 demie defaillance en 7 ans, et pourtant il croit pas en dieu comme la plupart de ces gros nazes qui ont du hamburger et du coca dans le cerveau... ça m'enerve ça!! mais je pense que l'univers corrige ses erreurs! j'irais visiter ta tombe lance, jsuis pas bcp + jeune que toi, j'ai pas une vie super saine, mais je suis sûr que je t'enterrerais, longue vie connard de beauf texan

    NB: j'en ai ma claque de ces kékés sur la 2 qui parlent de miracle, y a pas de miracle, y a que les incultes qui y croient, un cancer des couilles c pas mortel la preuve; par contre rouler comme une mobylette dans les cols alors que pantani (dopé) le faisait aussi, et rouler + vite qu'un rouleur dans 1 clm ça va pas ensemble, ou alors t'as un frère jumeau qui est rouleur (on m'aurait menti là aussi?)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:38 PM  

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