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Monday, November 20, 2006

I finally got the time this morning to take a long look at Dr. Arnie Baker’s slide show presentation at El Tour de Tucson. Click on the Link below or go to This presentation is not only a voice of sanity and scientific examination, but is a stunning, scientific revelation of the crap that emerged from the Chatenay-Malabry cesspool during the 2006 Tour de France - about the Floyd Landis case. It’s 44 PDF pages long, and you need to read each page.

The obvious errors are appalling and disgusting. In one page of the testing results, Floyd’s barcode number isn’t even listed, but the results are attributed to him. In another, the original number is whited-out and re-written to be his barcode number. On another page, two tests of the same urine sample showed a 300% difference in results. The errors go on and on. There isn’t “one small administrative error” - Oh No, M’sieu - the whole thing is full of errors and screw-ups.

Violations of WADA rules and protocols are norm, not the exception, in Floyd’s testing process. Clearly, WADA should sanction and jerk the license of this dishonest cesspool lab. Erik Zabel was right, heads should roll....

No wonder the French are freaking out about the hacking - all their dirty secrets and cover-ups could be exposed. More power to the whistleblowers and hackers, as far as I’m concerned. This dirty, iron-clad cloak of secrecy has to be penetrated, in spite of Dick Pound and WADA being in bed with the ASO organization, including L’Creep.

I urge you to take the time to read the entire forty-four pages of Arnie Baker’s presentation. I don’t see how any American cycling organization could even think of sanctioning Floyd Landis if they carefully read just this part of Floyd’s defense. Floyd should never have been put through all this muck and mire - this is an absolute disgrace and shame for WADA and Chatenay-Malabry.

At the end of the slide show are email addresses for important participants, from USADA to LNDD (the cesspool lab) and Arnie Baker. Use your power and speak out for Floyd Landis.


  • I haven't read the 44 pages, but did read enough on TBV's blog to know that Floyd is innocent by any standard. If the USADA and CAS don't acquit him based on this evidence, they're not trying.

    By Anonymous Debby, At 12:49 PM  

  • My only question is why isn't there a witch hunt in other sports as well? Are they trying to tell us there's not a PED problem when you have 350 pound guys running a 4.7 40 in pro football? If Floyd is innocent, I applaud his efforts. If he's guilty, he's no worst than many other athletes we watch every week. I say either hunt all pro sports world wide or lay off cycling.

    By Blogger funai, At 9:04 PM  

  • Dr. Baker's defense is sound..even without presenting the barcode errors. It is very clear from previous cases that abnormally high values of ALL metabolites is the standard by which atheletes are being judged. Floyd passes this criteria with ease. It appears that hasty decisions were made to release the data BEFORE qualified individuals analyzed the results. Qualified individuals would have noticed that WADA rules were met, and that there was not a valid case for PED abuse. It really is that simple.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:31 PM  

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