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Friday, November 17, 2006

Here’s the latest press release from PJ Rabice about the hiring of Ivan Basso and DNA testing:


Discovery Channel and Ivan Basso confirmed today that under the terms of their contract, the Italian rider has agreed to provide a DNA sample if this is requested in a national judicial or disciplinary investigation.

“There has never been a DNA issue,” Johan Bruyneel said. “Ivan agreed through his lawyer even before we signed to give a sample. He just wanted to make sure that the guarantees provided by the law would be respected.”

Bruyneel said parts of the Code of Conduct hastily adopted by the teams should be reviewed.

“We believe that even an athlete is innocent until proven guilty. A French prosecutor announced an investigation of Lance Armstrong in January 2005. Just this month, 22 months later, he announced that he was dropping the case. Under the Code of Conduct, would we have had to sideline Lance from the 2005 Tour?” the Discovery Channel team director said.

The Code of Conduct provides among other things that teams will not allow any rider to compete if there is any disciplinary or criminal proceeding pending, even though no guilty verdict has been reached. The Code also requires any rider who is found guilty to be excluded from racing for four years after the guilty verdict, even if the official suspension is for shorter period.

“The Code of Conduct creates some issues that we will have to work together to resolve,” Bruyneel said.

Yes, Johan, somebody sure needs to speak out about that insane agreement that prevents riders from competing if some assinine allegations surface anywhere in the world, setting the media frenzy in motion. I can't believe that the team managers ever agreed to this "Code of Conduct", with no protection whatsoever for their riders.


  • I agree with you. Seems that Johan is the voice of sanity. It's insane when well respected former teamates, once standing behind you, are now wanting your head. I'm sure it's frustrating on both sides but instead of pointing fingers and putting all the blame on riders - concentrate on the true villans - the persons who sell the drugs. When the supply is gone, so is (hopefully) the temptation. Put your effort toward that to start the cleanup. Let Ivan and even Jan ride.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:41 PM  

  • Saint Bruyneel will turn around and say something completely different if that suits him better tomorrow.
    And the moment when Basso decides to leave, he'll turn villain again. Like he did with Floyd.
    Dude's a tad vindictive.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:07 AM  

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