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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lance’s appearance on Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Fascinating People was pretty brief - Sheryl appeared with him. Honestly, I would have thought that Baba Wawa’s staff could have come up with some original interview questions, but no, it was the usual re-run of the same-old, same-old stuff. Sometimes I wonder how Lance can be so gracious in responding to the same questions, interview-after-interview, year-after-year.

Got the email from Dan Osipow yesterday afternoon, announcing his departure from Tailwinds Sports, and his new position across the Bay in Berkeley. Dan will be Associate General Manager of Cal Sports Properties for ISP Sports. Dan’s focus will be the sponsorship and marketing of the University of Cal Berkeley athletic department, mainly it's football and basketball programs. ISP Sports is out of Winston-Salem, NC, and is the sports marketing company for most of the best collegiate sports teams - their client list of top colleges is a mile long.

As a Cal Bear Alum, I think that’s great news - Dan is a top-notch, experienced and high-quality person with sponsors. I’ve seen him in action as long as I’ve been with the Posties/Discovery Channel team, and ISP Sports is lucky to have him on their marketing team. Best of luck and good fortune to Dan Osipow.

I’ll miss Dan as a person at Discovery events. I have so many memories of five Tours of France, and hanging out beside the team bus with him - also the Tours of Georgia, SF Grand Prix, Wachovia Series, all the training camps - so many places and so many memories...

That said, I love the folks at Capitol Sports Entertainment and know they are also top-notch, experienced and high-quality people. My favorite management folks there are Higgs (Mark Higgins), Bill Stapleton and Bart Knaggs. A really fine bunch of guys - all great friends of Lance. Both Lance and Johan are partners in CSE, along with Bill and Bart. Higgs always treats me just the best, and I luv the guy.....

I took the photo of Dan Osipow at the 2005 BGI SF Grand Prix sponsor/team dinner at the Acme Chophouse on the Embarcadero. Super great place to dine...


  • I totally agree with you about the BW interview. He's answered the "what's more important to you, cycling or cancer" question SO many times. Couldn't she ask him something new? And that comment about Lance not knowing much about music...well, apparently she hasn't read much about Lance or she'd know he's a big music fan. She even asked him if he'd heard of Sheryl before he met her? Give me a break.

    By Anonymous Amy, At 1:51 PM  

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