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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Discovery Team news of the day: Hayden Roulston has asked to leave the team, and Johan has released him from his contract for 2006. Hayden was appreciative of the time he spent with the team, and everyone wishes him well. Hayden has had a rough time the past year or so, and maybe he just needs time to figure out where he’s going and how to get there...

So the question is, will Johan hold the team as is, with the addition of Matt White, or add another rider at this late date? The Austin training camp is only three weeks away... Not all the DC riders will attend the camp. Matt told me in an email that he will train at home, and then come to the California camp in January....

I also saw that the CSC training camp will be in California, after their boot camp training in Denmark. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the DC team and CSC team both training in the same area at the same time? A lot of teams use the San Gabriel Mountains area for training.... Plus the Amgen Tour of California will go by there, too... The photo is the Discovery Channel team training in the SG mountains last year.

I liked the Johnny Cash special last night, and I think my favorite was the duet with Jerry Lee Lewis and Kid Rock. Sheryl sang Ring of Fire, and I wished they had rocked it a bit - Sheryl sounded great and I would have liked to hear her blast it and rock on....


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