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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kinda like dog daze for the teams right about now. Most of the Classics guys are hitting the training roads and the gym and getting in gear. The guys who are changing teams are basically still supposed to be wearing their old team kits until December 31st. Like at the Cycle with Champions fundraising event in Santa Rosa, Chris Horner was wearing his Saunier Duval-Prodir kit, and Freddie Rodriguez was wearing his Davitamon-Lott kit, but Chris will not officially be teammates with Freddy in D-L until 2006.

Training camps are starting to happen - the Discover Channel Team newbies will have camp in Austin in the next week or two. The Austin camp is basically to get the new guys acquainted, comfortable, and start team-building. Not all the guys will be there. The entire team will be at the January training camp in California...

T-Mobile froze their behinds at a camp already, and Jan has headed to the warmer climbs and climes of South Africa to warm his tootsies. I’m sure you saw the images of Jan hanging onto a climbing rope in the snow. Bjarne Riis has his tough-as-Hell bootcamp all set up and the CSC team is heading out to some desolate place in Denmark to test their mettle.

Liberty Sequros is getting together to try to pick up the scattered pieces and process the emotions around recent events. Definitely not a training camp....

Most of the team have training camps in January and February. Not sure if the Amgen Tour of California will bring any changes to any of the team schedules. Speaking of the Amgen Tour, I got a press release that the Wellness Community and the Lance Armstrong Foundation are coming together in a project to provide support for cancer survivors. The Wellness Community is the charity that will benefit from the Amgen Tour of California, with race efforts headed by George Hincapie.

Photo is Lance at the 2005 training camp, with the usual cellphone attached to his ear..


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