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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Japan - Stop The Slaughter of Dolphins!

The slaughter and capture of dolphins in Taiji must stop now! The Wakayama Prefecture says this is part of national pride and tradition? No, it is the shame of Taiji and all Japan to kill and capture these beautiful, intelligent, sentient beings. The "tradition" is based on greed - using cruel, barbaric and inhumane actions to slaughter gentle, sentient beings of the sea. The selling of dolphins for massive amounts of money will not last over the generations. The world is watching, with horror and repulsion, your slaughter of both dolphins and whales. 


Tourism? Show the tourists your bloody, barbaric slaughter in The Cove. Show them what is under those tarps! Beautiful statues and signs do not cover your shame! A huge tourist boycott will soon be the consequence of your shameful actions! Tourists in the US, in the UK, in Australia and other countries will not support these reprehensible actions against dolphins and whales with their tourist dollars. Selling dried dolphin meat with the skin still on in tourist shops is revolting.

Soon, all the dolphins will be killed and gone, and you will have no source of income. Tourism is your only solution - tourists seeing live dolphins playing in The Cove is your future livelihood. 


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