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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The 21 newly-born harbor seal pups need immediate help from everyone, everywhere! Anti-seal activists have appealed to The California Coastal Commission to remove the rope that protects the mothers nursing their babies from the public. Harbor seals are shy and easily frightened. Unfortunately, they will flee and abandon their babies if frightened by humans or dogs. The babies are fragile and will die without nursing their mothers for several weeks. The harbor seals have been coming to this beach for hundreds of years to have their babies. There are so many beaches in the San Diego area, why can't humans just have compassion and tolerance for these vulnerable animals and go to a different beach? How difficult is that for them to do?  Please write, no matter where you live.
Sample letter:


Subject: Appeal No. A-6-LJS-10-09, Rope Barrier Appeal Hearing on March 10, 2010

To: California Coastal Commissioners,
I am writing in support of maintaining the rope barrier at Casa Beach that allows the La Jolla Seals to be undisturbed and separated from the public. By maintaining the rope barrier, the seals are protected, the public is at a safe distance, and residents/tourists/children can enjoy observing these amazing seals in a natural habitat.
The pups are fragile and the mothers are easily frightened. These innocent harbor seals deserve our protection at Casa Beach, just as they are protected in other rookeries along the coastline. The publ;ic does not unduly suffer by being separated from the beach rookeries in Pacific Grove, or along the 17-Mile Drive, or near Hopkins Marine Lab, and these are also high use areas. Harbor seal rookeries are protected at Pt. Reyes, another public high-use area.
Please support the staff's recommendation that the rope barrier stay up during pupping season and that no persons should step over the rope barrier during pupping season. Furthermore, I support that the rope barrier should be maintained all year long.
Thank you for making a decision that will affect the survival of a precious species for all our future.

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