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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I grabbed my spot at the Finish today and shot from just past the line. This image shows just how hard Jason McCartney rode his TT. Spittle, sweat or snot: it shows the all-out-effort in a time trial. A lot of guys don't look picture perfect at the finish when they've pushed their body to the limit and past. That's one reason why the soigneurs are waiting with towels to wipe the faces of the exhausted racers...

Jason came in at a very good fourteenth in the TT today - he is riding exceptionally well - look for good things from him this year.

And bummer for Jurgen Van Goolen, who just broke his hip racing in Algarve.. No surgery necessary, but it will wipe out his Classics this year...

Pics are up in Velogal's Smugmug Gallery


  • Thanks for the great photos. I was working at about the 300 meter line, but between the speed of the riders and the responsibility of watching for hazards I didn't get a great look at each one.

    Notice how Floyd doesn't look that tired after posting the fastest time? Amazing.

    By Blogger Steve R, At 7:52 AM  

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