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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I sloshed on over to the San Jose City Hall Rotunda this morning for the Amgen Tour of California San Jose presentation. It was raining pretty good, but a couple of hundred other cycling fans turned out. I took a bunch of shots, including the one above, where Mayor Gonzalez is addressing the crowd.

I walked up to the second floor balcony to shoot my images, and as you can imagine, the sound is pretty bad in the building with that high dome. So didn’t hear much of the speechifying, but the enthusiasm of the San Jose City officials, the Amgen folks and the local organizing committee was pretty obvious. I did hear the Amgen guy say that they were in the ToC sponsorship for the long haul - this race is not a one-time thing. That’s very good news for all us cycling fans, who are seeing our beloved races fall off the calendar more each year.

I should be able to put up some shots in the smugmug gallery tonight, although only a few shots tell the story...


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