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Sunday, January 04, 2009

The cycling community and the cancer survivor's community, are mourning the death of Jim Owens. He has become an inspiration and a symbol of courage. Altho I did not know him, I am sorry to hear of his passing, and I wish him peace on his greatest ride. Follow the Link to learn more about this courageous man and his 2004 Tour of Hope Ride...

My good friend, Andy Anderson, posted this on the caringbridge guestbook:

Farewell Brother Jim !
We will not stand at your grave and weep;
You are not there. You do not sleep.
You live in the thousand winds that blow,
Tailwinds that help the cyclists go
Uphill and down, with cries of ‘No Chain!’
The toughest of rides, without any pain.
You’re riding round Heaven with Martha and Scott
And Lori and Damon – the C.C.C. lot!
You circle the clouds, and you never feel pain,
For the bikes that you ride, use wings, not a chain!
You live in the sunlight on ripened grain.
You live in the gentle autumn rain.
You live in the ‘whooooooooooosh’ of tyres on tar
As a peloton passes, a colourful blur,
So, we will not stand at your grave and cry;
You are not there. You did not die.
You live in our hearts, and for you we give thanks,
‘Tis we who are the blessed, for you rode in our ranks,
No matter at all we don’t share a mother
For ours is the honour to call you - our brother !
Farewell, Brother Jim, you’ve shown us the way to truly LiveSTRONG. You’ve been a shining example of courage and grace in adversity, of good humour in the hours of darkness; an example we can but feebly try to emulate if that be our lot, though I doubt we could achieve the high standard you have set.
You may have gone from our sight, but you will live long in our hearts – it was not for nothing that we love you – our friend and our brother.
[Based on ‘Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep’]



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