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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tour de France Stage 12 - Popo says, "Oh Yes we can", and accelerates to a stage victory. Maybe the thought of Lance coming to visit scared some fast into the DC team Also, Paolo and Benjamin abandoned. Paolo's collision with a spectator who stepped out in front of him messed him. And Bennie must have really been hurting - the guy doesn't easily quit.

Went over Stage One, Stage Two and Stage 5 of the Tour of Utah with a fine-tooth comb yesterday with four of my Team Captain/Drivers. Do I ever have some quality guys - I am sooo happy! They're gonna do an outstanding job for me with my road marshal volunteers. We'll have two more guys for a full team of six vans, each one carrying eight traveling course marshals. Their job is the most difficult and most rewarding ...Without them, the race simply could not happen. Headed out at 6:30 am and got back to the motel about 9:30 pm. Long day in the van for all of us...

Today, we'll recon the awesome Stage Six, finishing at the top of Snowbird. But first, two of my guys have to race the Sundance Hill Climb.Eight gruelling milels of climbing, then shower up and get into the van again today.

Mark Shimahara Bike Zen caught Popo getting ready to do zee kiss, kiss, kiss with a podie girl.


  • Hello Velogal,

    I found your site while browsing for T.D.F. comment.

    You sound as if you well into the bike scene. Ae you oganisng a bike race and do it often? Isn't Utah bigger than France? These and many othe questions from l'il ol England.

    Please give us a biopic!

    Best wishes Angus

    By Anonymous Angus, At 8:50 AM  

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